OneNeck Employee Nathan Urquhart Named TDS Volunteer of the Quarter
Cindy Tomlinson  |  November 02, 2017

Giving back to the Denver community and getting involved are among the reasons why Nathan was recently named Volunteer of the Quarter.

Nathan is a hard working individual, according to the nomination submitted by his OneNeck colleagues Malisa and Derek. At OneNeck, he takes care of 20+ customers; however he still finds time to be involved in his community. He volunteers with Big Brother Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity, the Denver Rescue Mission, and Denver Active 20-30.

“A rewarding part of being involved is the connections I have made with like-minded individuals who also donate their time to better their community,” Nathan expressed.

This year, Nathan decided to expand his involvement by becoming a Big Brother.

“My mom was involved in the Big Brother Big Sister program,” said Nathan. “So were some of my colleagues. These experiences sparked my interest in the organization. Though I’m still very new to this organization, I’m enjoying getting to know my ‘little brother’ and spending time with him. We’re having fun playing sports and going to events in the area.”

Nathan has been involved with Habitat for Humanity for eight years, and volunteers to work on one or two homes each year. Upon joining OneNeck 18 months ago, he thought OneNeck would benefit from volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, too. He saw it as a way to unite OneNeck employees. In August 2017, OneNeck teamed with Habitat for Humanity for a successful build.

“Working on the project with my OneNeck colleagues was a great experience,” Nathan said. “Everyone who participated enjoyed the work they did with the organization. We are all excited to take part in more builds in the future!”

It may seem hard to believe, but in addition to being a Big Brother and volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, every three weeks Nathan also volunteers with the Denver Rescue Mission. He helps with cooking and meal prep to feed those in need or experiencing homelessness.

Last but not least, he also works with Denver Active 20-30. It’s a non-profit made up of men from ages 20 to 39 years old. Unlike the other organizations he volunteers with, this is a business-oriented group that raises money and then donates the funds to various charitable organizations in the area. Nathan is involved with interviewing organizations about their work and learning about how they would use funds donated by Denver 20-30.

“This is a great group to be involved with because it gives me an opportunity to see the impact different organizations have on the community and to learn how they might use the funds from Denver 20-39 to better the community,” Nathan said.

“Everyone who has the opportunity to interact with Nate recognizes his infectious positive attitude and amazing energy,” according to Malisa and Derek.

“There are so many little stories I have acquired through my work with these groups,” said Nathan. “Whether it’s a thankful parent or meeting individuals whose house I helped build, hearing from individuals who I’ve impacted is the most enjoyable part to giving back.”