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Dynamics 365 for Operations –Gone Hybrid, Gone On-Premises
Reanna Gutierrez  |  September 12, 2017
Microsoft announced general availability of a hybrid Dynamics 365 scenario to deliver upon the demand of the customers. The 'local business data' or 'edge' option is now available (since July 1) and allows companies to deploy and run their Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (On-premise), Enterprise edition in their own data centers or in third-party data centers.
Happy Tech Dependence Day
Reanna Gutierrez  |  July 04, 2017
Today’s businesses are heavily dependent on IT. This increased reliance on 24/7 access to data and mission-critical applications to get business done makes high availability a top priority for IT, especially when leveraging outsourced support.
Smart City Technology — Making Smart Cities Smarter
Reanna Gutierrez  |  June 27, 2017
Smart cities are popping up all over the world as municipal planners marry urban living with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and connected technologies.
Future-proofing Microsoft Dynamics AX (when you’re not quite ready for Dynamics 365)
Jeff Budge-VP, Advisory Consulting and Product Management  |  June 15, 2017
It’s been an exciting year for Microsoft Dynamics AX, with big announcements from Microsoft that have left some customers perplexed. Regardless of how confusing the roadmap to Dynamics 365 is, wise AX customers are taking charge of their own roadmaps, rather than waiting for the path ahead to clear on its own.
Keeping Your Healthcare Data Secure – What You Need to Consider
Reanna Gutierrez  |  June 06, 2017
Electronic patient records, new healthcare applications, connected medical devices and regulatory/compliance changes are making it easier for doctors to share patient records, affect patient outcomes and increase the quality of care; but are also contributing to an explosion in healthcare data.
Post-modern ERP Challenges
OneNeck IT Solutions  |  April 27, 2017
Most ERP solutions today are locked in yesterday’s technology. The key to successful post-modern ERP is in tightly linking ERP with key internal business applications to digitally transform your business processes end-to-end.
Dynamics 365 Tech Conference 2017 Recap
Scott Morley  |  April 04, 2017
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tech Conference has come and gone. If you weren’t able to attend, Scott Morley, OneNeck’s Principal Application Architect focused on Dynamics AX, fills us in.
Oracle Licensing on the Cloud – It’s all in how you count the cores!
Biju Thomas-Oracle ACE Director, OneNeck Principal Solutions Architect  |  March 09, 2017
If you are a customer on AWS or Azure running Oracle products, or if you are planning to move your Oracle workload to the cloud, Oracle’s newest announcement will have a huge impact on your license costs.
8 Reasons to Embrace a Hybrid IT Approach
OneNeck IT Solutions  |  January 19, 2017
A hybrid IT approach to building a flexible, scalable and efficient architecture allows organizations to maintain a centralized approach to IT governance while experimenting with cloud computing.
Are You Keeping Pace in the Age of Digital Disruption?
Amy Gregory  |  December 19, 2016
Digital disruption is changing the way we do business, but many organizations fear change. It’s brought about by the perfect storm of low-cost communications (e.g., mobile networks, smart devices and sensors.) Organizations who embrace the digital age are rewarded with more efficient operations, an improved customer experience and the ability create better products and services to face future competition with ease.
The Monolithic Database in a Hybrid World
Scott Morley  |  December 06, 2016
How to address monolithic databases in a hybrid world? The answer is relatively straightforward.
From Excess to Efficiency
Amy Gregory  |  November 22, 2016
What do Thanksgiving turkey and IT resources have in common?
Key ERP Support Strategies for Midsize Enterprises
Reanna Gutierrez  |  November 15, 2016
Supporting ERP in a midsize organization requires no less work than in a large enterprise, except that it has to be done with fewer resources and smaller budgets. Companies need to be smart about assigning roles to manage ERP effectively. With the right framework, you can identify the roles, services and skills and assign your team accordingly.
5 Key Reasons to Outsource Your Application & Database Management
Reanna Gutierrez  |  September 22, 2016
IT organizations are being asked to do more with fewer resources and are finding themselves spread too thin. When this happens, there is no time for mission-critical projects, and just maintaining applications and maintaining databases becomes the priority. Outsourcing certain functions of your application and database management can be a cost-effective way to free up in-house resources to focus on important projects that will positively impact your bottom line.
SQL 2012 & High Availability Disaster Recovery in Azure
Scott Morley  |  August 02, 2016
One of the biggest lures to Azure right now is for backup and disaster recovery. There are a number of ways that this can be implemented, including Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup; however, when we look at options for SQL Server, we can really start getting into the business continuity aspect of BDR, with the potential for zero downtime in the event of a catastrophic failure. This blog will take a look at how we can put that in place and how Azure can be a key component.
Microsoft Dynamics AX & Azure- Simplifying Dev/Test environments
Scott Morley, Principal Application Architect  |  July 21, 2016
Anyone who has ever worked on a significant software development project knows that keeping DEV and TEST environments available and relatively in sync is almost a full time job. Microsoft Dynamics AX is no different. Best case, installing, configuring, patching and replicating databases will take at least a day unless there is a significant automation process in place. Then, generally, the machines are left in place, consuming storage and possibly compute even when they are not needed. Fortunately, Microsoft has made some significant investments in Dynamics AX technology with Azure to simplify this issue quite a bit. Lifecycle Services (LCS) is a project management site specifically designed to simplify Dynamics AX implementations, including the deployment of DEMO, DEV/TEST and production environments.
Embarking on an AX Data Management Strategy
Scott Morley  |  June 21, 2016
When embarking on a data management strategy, it is important to realize that it is not a purely technical exercise. Of course there are technical components to it, but without input from the business, the success will be hit or miss as the correct data will not always be targeted. To that end there are a number of different data management strategies and definitions that have been published, including those provided by the Data Management Association; however for the scope of this blog, I will be using a very simplistic approach that will allow an organization new to data management quickly get moving.
The New Dynamics AX…What To Expect
OneNeck IT Solutions  |  June 02, 2016
The Irony of the Cloud - Why Managed Cloud Makes Sense for Your SAP Applications
OneNeck IT Solutions  |  April 28, 2016
Early on, the only choice for deploying ERP applications in an organization was to fully deploy and manage the entire system on premises, which required a high level of in-house expertise and resources, making it only feasible for large enterprises. The cloud opened up new possibilities, but the complexity of ERP still posed serious challenges. Managed Cloud Services have now entered the picture to ease IT’s burden for successfully managing their ERP applications.
Lifecycle Services in Microsoft Dynamics AX
Reanna Gutierrez  |  March 17, 2016
If the goal of ERP software is to streamline business processes and make it easier to make management decisions then the irony is that they're so complex for technology teams to deploy and support. Microsoft acknowledged this difficulty in its recent press release announcing the latest version of MS Dynamics AX and they have tackled that problem by creating Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services.
Lifecycle Services is the portal to AX 7
Scott Morley  |  February 02, 2016
Lifecycle Services is the portal to AX 7. LCS helps drive your AX projects from inception through the maintenance cycle following go live...
2016 – The year to flex your AX muscles
Scott Morley  |  January 22, 2016
It’s no surprise that the start of a new year is traditionally a time to look at our health
SAP Hosting and Application Management
Reanna Gutierrez  |  October 20, 2015
ERP Application Hosting and Management, is it right for you?
 |  September 14, 2015
With a solid ERP system in place, your business can run at peak efficiency. But it’s not just a matter of choosing an ERP platform; you also need a partner and a team of experts to manage and customize your ERP.
Why AX Managed Services Is the Help You're Searching For
Reanna Gutierrez  |  June 10, 2015
The cost challenges associated with managing your Microsoft Dynamics AX environment and retaining resources continues to drive more and more companies to seek managed services for their AX application environment.